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Scepticism and strong opinions soon left place to enthusiasm once motorcyclists tested our handle system. They praised its ease of use, its precision, its grasp, its comfort but above all the safety it provides. It may seem like a paradox, but the rotating handle system has many technical inconveniences which turn out to be very penalising in sporting or intensive use conditions.

The conventional rotating handle and the INOVELI throttle work on radically different mechanical principles. A rotating handle is a divergent mechanical system in that the faster you go, the lesser the grasp and thus the lesser the vehicle’s control. This, of course, is contrary to what the user is looking for.

The INOVELI system is the world’s first convergent system as the faster you go, the more you grasp, the greater the control on the vehicle. The INOVELI system is also different from the conventional rotating handle in that the latter associates grasp to control whereas the INOVELI system dissociates them.

To have a firm hold on a conventional handle, there needs to have an important return spring which requires a strong control effort. On the other hand, if one wants a gentle control effort, one needs a weaker return spring. These two elements are linked as the gain of one characteristic means the loss of the other. Due to the double use of the thumb’s phalanges, the INOVELI system has a totally dissociated grasp and control, which allows the driver to have identical grasps on the left and right all the while having freedom in the throttle control.

All these elements make INOVELI’s throttle more performing and safer than the conventional rotating handle.




Scooters seem to be of little interest for our system. Indeed, scooters are less powerful than motorbikes, they don’t require such a strong grasp, and are not used on difficult terrains nor are they used in sporting conditions.

As surprising as it may seem, it is scooters’ users which welcomed our concept with the most enthusiasm. Using our system is intuitive, easy and fun. The handlebar’s control allows ease in manoeuvres and urban circulation. Moreover, the fact that fingers remain on the brake lever at all times increases safety which is immediately felt by the users.  Accelerating with our handle demands for smaller movements than conventional ones, enabling the user to remove him/herself from dangerous situations faster and more easily.

The outcome of several tests on scooters was a genuine enthusiasm for our throttle system which turns out to be easier, safer, more dynamic and even more fun to use than conventional rotating handles.



Off-Road Motorbike

Off-road motorbikes have conventional rotating handles with the grasp and divergence issue linked to this system. Our system is much more efficient on all the grasp and convergence issues but also has further technical advantages.

Indeed, our system is totally insensitive to shocks, which allows the driver’s accelerations not to be affected by the track on which s/he is driving (whoops, jumps, bumps, rocks…) and to keep a precise control during all the driving phases.  

On a motocross or an enduro motorbike, often incidental accelerations occur as the driver exercises important efforts on the handlebar which can lead to twisting the right handle and therefore dangerously modifying speed. After testing, it was revealed that our system has the capacity of maintaining a constant acceleration whatever the state of the road driven on. More importantly our system has an extraordinary capacity to do this accelerating during curves (entry-apex-exit). Rotating handles encounter biomechanical blocks (wrist-elbow-shoulder); this doesn’t happen with our system, allowing the driver to accelerate in all positions and in particular in curves.

Finally, with our system there is a shorter braking time thanks to fingers always being on the brake lever. This as everyone knows is a fundamental key to performance in mechanical competitions.




INOVELI’s throttle control is often mistaken for a conventional ATV’s throttle handle. This couldn’t be further from the truth as our throttle handles are the opposite of conventional handles. On an ATV, the lever and the thumb twist in opposite directions when with the INOVELI system, the lever twists in the same direction as the thumb adopting its natural movement.

Moreover on a conventional dirt bike's system, the thumb is never in contact with the handle hampering grasp. On the other hand, the INOVELI system allows for permanent thumb contact and thus greater grasp.  Conventional dirt bike throttles require the hand’s palm to move so that the thumb pushes on the lever. The palm is not fully in contact with the right handle and only the forefingers grasp the handle. A reduced grasp on dirt bike handles necessarily lead to a drastic reduction of control on the vehicle hence hampering the user’s safety.

Our system has been designed to resolve this issue on ATVs, and offer a safer more performing system. All ATV drivers who tested our system preferred it over conventional ATV lever systems. 




Watercrafts are powerful vehicles with no suspension, often used in difficult sea environments, its user enduring extreme physical constraints. The watercraft’s conventional frontal lever is controlled by the index, causing cramps to the index and forearm. These cramps can lead to difficulties in dosing accelerations and holding the handle.

Moreover during accelerations or landing after a jump, the user naturally closes the index on the throttle and thus very dangerous creep throttles are generated.  With INOVELI’s system, whilst accelerating, the driver keeps his/her index closed on the handle allowing him/her to deal better with the jet-ski’s strong traction all the while keeping perfect control of the throttle with his/her thumb. INOVELI’s system is totally insensitive to shocks thus the user never generates creep throttles, even in rough seas. The INOVELI throttle allows the fingers to be permanently in contact with the handle and thus the grasp is optimal and driving the jet-ski is less tiresome.

All the watercraftusers who have tested our system agree that the INOVELI throttle is establishing a new reference in terms of performance and safety.