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Overview table of the different throttle control systems

Our concept is the only one compatible with any vehicle. Comparing its performances with those of conventional systems is thus important. To allow this comparison we drafted a table which summarizes the differences and analogies between our concept and the existing throttle controls.



The five concepts of throttle handles

Up to now, there were only four type of controls used in various vehicles (motorbikes, scooters, ATVs, jet-skis or snowmobiles). These five categories could almost be brought to three as those of ATVs or snowmobiles were very close, differing only in the fact that the proximal phalanx was used to control the throttle of snowmobiles while it was the distal one in ATVs.

INOVELI has now introduced a fifth throttle concept. Only the INOVELI system can be used on any vehicle. With the other systems, it is impossible to use an ATVs’, snowmobile’s or a jet-ski’s throttle control on a motorbike or a scooter. Neither it is possible to obtain a proper throttle control when using a conventional rotating handle system on a jet-ski or snowmobile.

INOVELI handles should not be confused with an ATV's lever system as those are based on totally different mechanical and ergonomic concepts.

In order to understand the key differences between these five concepts you will find diagrams below illustrating their mechanical and ergonomic principles.