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The FV01 handle is the outcome of five years’ research and development.

It’s the result of our experience in motorsports, following strict quality specifications including a unique ergonomic. As such the FV01 is a major technological evolution marking a new era of performance and safe throttle handles.
FV01 handles’ compatibility

A comparative table will allow you to see on which vehicles you can instal our handles.

Our handles are compatible with ATVs without 2WD/4WD switch (these will be available soon).

For motorbikes and scooters, cables and carburetor springs (available soon) will be needed.

If you have any questions regarding your vehicle’s compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us at user@inoveli.com.

Dimensions – Right handle
Dimensions – Left handle
Kited right handle: 223 gr
Kited left handle: 110 gr
Fixing handles on handlebars
The handles can be assembled on handlebars with diameters from 22mm to 26 mm.

The FV01 handles have two fixing systems on the handlebar.

The first system uses an inner assembly plate with two M5 screws and an outer assembly plate with two M3 screws.

A second assembly system uses two pins located next to the inner and outer assembly plate.
Fixing the throttle cable
The right handle’s cover has an M10 x 125 thread which makes it compatible with most throttle cables.

Should your throttle cable not have this type of thread, please refer to our "spare parts" section in which you will find compatible throttle cables.
Choosing the gear ratio
The FV01 handle is designed for throttles with a control length between 22mm to 44 mm.  For this three sets of cogwheels are available depending on the vehicle and user’s needs.

• Gear set N° 1 for a control  between  0 to  22mm
• Gear set N° 2 for a control  between  0 to  36mm
• Gear set N° 3 for a control  between  0 to  44mm

The type of gears not only impacts the length of cable pulled but also the strength required to achieve it. Depending on the throttle cable course, the user can choose several options which will have a direct influence on the trigger effort. The user first has to choose a gear ratio which will allow him/her to pull the throttle cable’s full length. The user may also choose a higher gear ratio which will allow less throttle cable length but will enhance his/her control efforts.

Since the lever has a maximum range of 55°, with a fixed dead stop, a shorter action results also in a more closed idle position that may be easier to control with the thumb.

This will depend on the driver’s choice:  a set with a wider range may be used if a stronger action is wished (or a longer range with a lighter action).

Adjusting the throttle cable
The FV01 handle has an innovative pulling mechanism for the throttle cable. It has been designed to accept extra length of cable over 15mm. Several slots are available on the cogwheel to accommodate the throttle cable’s tip.

The cable may be fixed on several different positions in the main control cog; furthermore adjusting the cogwheels of the mechanism allows even more freedom for cable positioning. This setup may accommodate extra cable length from 15 to 80 mm
The mechanism has been designed around a gear system with a lever driving gear and a cable control gear on which the throttle cable is fixed. The control lever’s axle is held by a double bearing to ensure a smooth an accurate rotation of the control.

The main bearing was developed specifically for racing conditions in a difficult environment. This bearing is self-lubricating and can withstand sand, water or salt without any stick-slip of the axle in micro-movements.
All the metallic parts and screws are made of A4 stainless steel, thus resistant to sea environments. The gears are made in high resistance polymer containing PTFE which makes it really efficient without needing any lubrication. The plastic parts are thermoformed from a special high technology fibre loaded polymer. This increases the strength of the parts while keeping a low weight. The throttle control spatula can thus withstand a traction of more than 100kg.

The handles are made using a delicate co-injection of two polymers that produces a chemical bonding of the two polymers. This is the answer to producing a fused bond between the hard polymer from the handle and the soft polymer from the grip.

Adjustable minimum lever position stop
The idle position of the throttle lever may be adjusted by an adjustor screw.
Fixed maximum lever position stop
A fixed maximum throttle position is fitted on the arm of the control lever to limit its amplitude.
The materials have also been chosen for their resistance to fuel and mineral oils.

The hood and the lever are in a special plastic which may be painted.

The FV01 handles are designed to meet the IP65 standard of protection .