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INOVELI's Concept
The thumb has two phalanges, the distal phalanx with the nail, and the proximal phalanx which is the bond between the hand and the distal phalanx.

The INOVELI control handle is based on the differential use of the thumb’s phalanges. Indeed, the distal phalanx pushes on the spatula, enabling control, while the proximal phalanx, by pressing on the handle, provides the hand’s grasp.

Due to the thumb’s differential use, a system of extremely natural command is obtained in which the control and grasp in no way interfere with each other. This is unlike  conventional systems tin which there is a systematic reduction of the grasp when using the throttle.
Convergent control system
Proximal phalanx
contact zone
Distal phalanx
contact zone
The five concepts handles accelerators
There were far only 4 handles accelerators concepts that were used on different vehicles (motorcycle, scooter, ATV, jet ski, snowmobile). We can even consider only 3 because the concepts used on ATVs and snowmobiles are very similar from a mechanical and ergonomics point of view.

With the introduction of INOVELI, there are now five concepts handles accelerator in the world.

Only INOVELI system can be used on all vehicles. Indeed, it is impossible to use the accelerator systems ATV, snowmobile or jet ski on a motorcycle or scooter. Conversely, it is impossible to correctly use a throttle twist grip on snowmobiles or watercraft.

Before a physical test on a vehicle, our concept is often confused with a system trigger quad then it is based on mechanical principles and ergonomics totally opposite.

To understand the fundamental differences between these five different concepts, you will find below diagrams that clarify their mechanical and ergonomic principles.